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Sub: Creation of awareness of the apprenticeship scheme amongst students Request for publishing the information in institutes magazine.


                You are aware that presently comparatively lesser opportunities for employment are available for engineers. The industries are demanding the engineers who have a considerable grade of technical skill and ‘on the job’ experience. As such the scheme of apprenticeship for engineers (under The Apprentices Amendment Act 1973) gains importance. This Board has been exploring the opportunities in all kinds of establishments for accommodating maximum possible fresh engineers. However, it has been experienced that a wide publicity is needed and an awareness has to be created by all ways and means to convey this availability of opportunities to all our fresh engineers.

                 This Board has been trying all publicity media viz. newspapers, radio, television and publishing posters. In this series, it is proposed to publish the relevant information regarding the scheme in the magazine published annually by your institute. This will contribute towards the publicity amongst the engineering students as well as the teachers.

                 Therefore, it is requested to you to kindly consider the proposal and co-operate in our endeavour to benefit the students. It is further requested to send one copy of the magazine to this Board after said information is published in it.

Thanking you,

                                                                                       Yours faithfully,



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